Wednesday, 22 December 2010

New Year's Resolution

Dear Readers. Dear Friends.
You have faith. You have patience.
I have no excuse.

No that's not right.
I have many excuses.
But no reasons. None good enough anyway.

So thanks for bearing with me. Thanks for waiting for me.
I will be back in the New Year. I shall blog.
With the same anger and renewed intensity.
With the same indignation and increased frequency.

I shall blog.
In the meantime, merry christmas everybody.


  1. Merry Christmas. I'll be waiting for your return :)

  2. Καλές γιορτές lalu. Χάρηκα πολύ που είδα πως ξαναγραψες στο blog. Nα περάσεις πολυ πολυ όμορφα τις μέρες αυτές.see you

  3. Merry Xmas! Hope you follow through with your resolution! Can't wait to have you back!!


  4. Thank you all.
    It's good to be back.